What if one could do the following with Hololens?

A famous person once said, “We don’t want to build a tricorder”. I would have said we can’t build a tricorder yet. Hololens is very different than a triocorder but could be a step in that direction. I wanted to make some bread at home and I had many technical questions and thought about how primitive current technology is. You can’t really ask Siri questions and not get frustrated with the clumsy interface, you can’t tell it read things to you easily or take a picture and look it up or project this to the monitor and on and on. Imagine if you could use Hololens for the above with the added benefit of immediate display of the information and integration with things you are looking at. The addition of sensors and magnification would make it even better.  What would I want to do with Hololens in the kitchen?

  • Obviously have directions there
  • Integration with what I have in stock
  • Computer assist while cooking and ability to ask questions like
  • Why does yeast make it rise
  • How do I get bigger gas bubbles in the bread
  • Assistance with decorative cooking such as measurement, placement and cutting of dough
  • Multidimensional view of the ingredients — maybe even show molecules as an option with the chemical processes depicted visually

We have a long way to go. There are so many applications of Hololens. It may fail like Glass did but it is definitely starting to look like the classic Technology Adoption Curve first proposed by Geoffrey A. Moore , Crossing_the_Chasm. Recent books on the same topic like Bold, might be worth a read if you can get past the poor choice of words in the title. It is not about creating wealth but about creating products and services, wealth comes from building and doing useful things. Creating wealth sounds like a Ponzi scheme.

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