Using Eclipse

  1. Creating a local repository
  2. How to run functional and UAT tests
  3. Running the Application
    1. Creating an Account Owner ( Use same approach for all cases where there is a view e.g., Account, Display.
  4. Listing the contents of the Database
  5. Sharing the workspace between team members is  a common activity. The example shows you how to move code  from a local workspace to the remote server and then to some other  local workspace. This exercise requires two developers, one developer makes a modification to a file and the other developer pulls the modification.  Read the overview before attempting A and B below. You will  be performing the steps in A and B often during the course.
    1. Pushing local code changes to the server – typical use case is that you have changes you want to make available for other team members. This exercise requires one student to make a change and another student to get the change in his/her local workspace. The student making the change will perform the steps below. When the local change has been pushed to the server, the second student performs the step below at How to update your local repository from the server repository.
    2. Getting code from the server – typical use case is a team member has made a change and you want use it locally.
  6. Pushing to Integration and Production (Will be covered later)
    1. Pushing the changes to Integration
    2. Pushing the changes to Production
  7. Common Tasks and questions
    1. EGit Specifics
    2. About test.dat and bank.dat

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