GIT:How to update your local repository from the server repository

Eclipse Git (EGit) provides a “Pull” Menu option on the Team menu. This option looks at your local repository and the server repository and presents all of the commits on the server that you do not have.  Pulling when used in the context of EGit repositories indicates that changes are being applied to the local repository. If there are local files with changes, pull will indicate that there is a need to merge, if EGit cannot resolve the changes without assistance. In most cases the changes are resolved. To commit the changes in your local repository, select an individual file, directory or the entire project and the pull action will be relative to the selected item.

The step by step below assumes that the repository on the server was updated with a change to

Launch Eclipse and right click on your team project. Click on  Team and then Pull.


The server will think about it and eventually you will get a dialog box similar to the one below. In the dialog below there are two commits in this case because I changed two things. In your case you will only see one commit. Click “OKPull Done

Verify that you have the change from your team member. Open in the editor by selecting and double clicking on the name. You should see the changes from your team in the editor view.Pull:Verify Change

Run the functional and the UAT tests.

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