I am working on my DPS degree at Pace University. I have been involved in various activities at Pace since 2005.  The DPS program has made me a better software engineer, developer, architect and a Professor.  Current research interests:

  • Search, finding information, categorzing it for later use
  • Integrating the above into devices that make data available at all times
  • Agile and Lean Engineering ( Software Development and tooling)
  • Data Context and Interaction (DCI)
  • Alternatives to Java Technology for the client
  • Event and Functional based programming
  • Planetary Scale Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

What had I been doing for the last 30 years?

Business, Research Labs, Joint University/Business

ADA Run Time systems and Real Time OS – IPI
SCSI Device Drivers – IPI
VME 680×0 Ethernet Driver – IPI
Symmetric Multiprocessing Kernel Support – Linotype Xyvision Sun AT&T
DOD Information systems(JSAN) – Grumman AT&T DOD
Sun Grid – Sun Microsystems
Ordering DNA Maps – UGA
Real Time Oximeters – CMU
Sun Cloud – Sun Microsystems
Home Automation Solutions – Sun Labs GE
Java Card/Open Card – Mondex Sun Labs NatWest Microsoft
Naws Public Domain Web Server – Sun Labs
Mondex Digital Cash – Natwest Sun Labs
Sun Catalog – Sun Microsystems
Introducing Students to CI, source code control and IDEs – Pace University
Semantic Web applications (FOAF, Simile, OpenCalais) – Sun Microsystems Pace University
Nation Wide Water sampling (EPA) – SWORCC EPA
Early Internet Adoption – Time Warner, Cablevision and MTV
RTA – Real Time Analytics for Financial Systems – NYU/Poly Inductive Solutions
Java Wallet – Javasoft Sun Labs
Black Jack Teaching application using Java/Swing – Hmmm
Factory Automation Paper Industry – MDDC/Measurex
Internet and Wall Street – JP Morgan/Nynex
Java iButtons and Tini – Dallas Semiconductor Sun Labs
Appletalk for typesetters – Linotype
JavaFX Ping Monitoring – Oracle
Dashboard Applications with out another Framework – Oracle
Lucene. Hadoop log processing systems – Oracle

Research that I dream about doing

  • Semantic Operating System and Interface – Systems become web servers
  • Homomorphic Computing
  • Internet Based Real Time Dynamic Model of the Human body with Joint University and Business partnership at 5000 institution scale.
  • Virtual Reality walk through of internals of distributed systems, operating systems and networks including clouds.


  • Not many often not able to write about what I was working on
  • Teaching Agile – Agile Teaching: Creating a Holistic Learning Environment
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence, Assessing Alternative Technologies for the Cost-Effective Computation of Derivatives
  • A paper was presented on distributed development environments at the Fourth National ADA symposium.
  • A comparison of various solutions to asset allocation for The Second AI on Wall Street conference.
  • Selecting the right infrastructure Solution using an Expert system for the Third AI on Wall Street Conference.
  • Deploying analytics to the Desktop with Java for IEEE Financial Analysis Conference
  • Past Column in JavaWorld
  • Paper at Smart Card news about Object Protocol Design


I am on the fence with current patent law

7,890,575 Dynamic persistent user management in delegated environments
7,764,683 Reliable multicast operating system (OS) provisioning
7,089,560 Architecture for building web applications
6,889,329 Adding secure external virtual memory to smart cards
6,877,094 Method and apparatus for authentication and payment for devices participating in Jini communities
6,862,684 Method and apparatus for securely providing billable multicast data
6,748,532 Universal smart card access system
6,418,420 Distributed budgeting and accounting system with secure token device access
6,385,729 Secure token device access to services provided by an internet service provider (ISP)
6,286,060 Method and apparatus for providing modular I/O expansion of computing devices

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