Pairing on a story

Stories should be worked on using pairing. The story to be worked on should not overlap other work that some other pair is  working on. The easiest way to do this is to have the pairs to work on two separate non overlapping files. For example one pair can work on Deposit and another on ReportBalance.

The recommended approach is to use the development branch as the common repository.

  1. The Pair decides on a navigator and driver.
  2. The driver pulls the latest copy of the repository from development.
    1. How to pull and update your local repository
    2. Run the tests after the pull
  3. The navigator and driver work on the code.
  4. The driver makes changes to the code.
  5. At the end of a session the driver  perform a commit and push
    1. Run the tests on the branch
    2. How to commit and push to the remote development branch
  6. If the team decides  that the code is ready for the Customer
    1. Run the tests, test the code
    2. How to inform the customer to look at the code
  7. if the Customer accepts the code, it gets moved to production. If the customer doesn’t accept the code, the directions from the customer are applied or the code is left as is in the branch.



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