Bitnami node.js running as a Virtual Instance

bitnami produces many ready to run applications for use locally or for use at one of many generic cloud services. The goal of this Lab is to run a virtualized instance of node.js. Node.js is a general purpose framework that  has become the defacto standard for  web service applications  that need to be fast, have  a small footprint and have a thriving community. The steps for the Lab are:

  1. Download and install either  VMware Player Plus or VirtualBox
    1. VMware
      1. You will be asked if you want to upgrade, you can but you will have to pay for that. It is not needed for this course
      2. You will be asked if you want to install the Linux tools. Install them. These tools will provide CLI capabilities.  The node.js service is running in Ubuntu.
    2. VirtualBox
      1. VirtualBox is not as refined as VMware so the install requires more thought. If you have issues with it contact me.
  2. Get an account at bitnami
  3. Download the node.js image for VMware from here and get that running on your system.  More steps are required to use VirtualBox.
    1. The zip file that you download is a zip file. You need to unzip the file and put the extracted files on to your disk in a location that you can find them out. Do not try to just double click and run from the zip file. Windows leads you down this path but it is misleading. The file you want to run is the one that ends in vmx. If you cannot see the file extension look at the descriptions.
  4. Run the vmx file that you downloaded. This vmx file can be run by opening it with VMware player or clicking on it and selecting open. The VMWare player will load the image and start the operating system which then starts node.js. As it boots up it displays some messages and one of the messages is that your server is available at this address http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn.
  5. Using a web browser go to the above address and verify that you see something like this.
  6. Submit a screenshot from Step 5 in the Bitnami node.js Virtualized Instance Lab Results


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