SauceLab Introduction

Automated testing continues to be a challenge as the number of different devices that users use to interact with each other and web sites continues to increase. Sauce Labs provides automated tools to test some service, usually a web site or some rest services and verify that the website is operating the same way on all the chosen devices.

The Lab will involve the following steps.

  1. Register for an account
  2. Login once you get your account created
  3. Go to the following page and pick 3 operating system and a browser combinations. Use each combination to test your Heroku app deployed in Lab 1. The test is being able to get hello world in the different browsers.
  4. Take a screenshot of each page and name the file operatingsystem-browser-version.some graphics format preferably png.  Some examples.
    1. windows-8.1_Firefox-24.png (jmake it obvious)
  5. The Lab Results will allow you to upload the files.

Later in the course we will use this service again to run a test program that performs additional tests.



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