DPS 2017


The goal of the course is not to become a professional programmer but to learn about Agile. We teach Agile principles using a number of techniques.  The mechanics part of the course is using Eclipse to create a Banking application developed using an Agile approach. Stories are used to specify what the customer wants. You will write some code mostly copy and paste to realize the stories using a Test Driven approach.  During the development of the code, the “how” you will develop Junit tests and the code developed will be accepted by the customer if it passes the User Acceptance Test (UAT).

Workshop (8/22 – 8/23)

During the workshop we will introduce Agile, Tools, and Java Programming. You will not be required to perform any coding during the workshop. Fred and Rinaldo will demonstrate how to build parts of an application in an Agile manner.

Introductory Session (9/3 – 9/6)

The Intro Session will repeat some of the material from the workshop and have several other sessions on various topics. A rough break down of topics covered is:

  1. Agile Development
  2. Agile Construction Project
  3. Team creation and first on site Team session
  4. Introduction by Dr. Tappert

Weekend Sessions

Each weekend session will have some work on the Banking application and reading assignments.





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